The display is directly connected to the DB25 monitor interface of the AMAT P5000 system, and is equipped with an infrared touchscreen frame using a standard 19-inch industrial-grade LCD display.
It has ultra-high precision click operation positioning, which is very close to the feel of the light pen system, precise and smooth.

Available for P5000, P5200,ENDURA,CENTURA tools.

  • Thanks to the infrared touch screen, the click is very precise. Compared with some displays on the market that use resistive touch screens, there is no situation where the actual cursor deviates from the click position by a few characters, and the operation can be completed at one time, without repeated click operations at the same position.
  • The operation method is closer to the original light pen operation style, without touching the surface of the screen, and the silent operation is completely achieved, which will not affect the operation of other people nearby.
  • Due to the innate accuracy and linearity advantages of infrared touch screens, it still maintains extremely high click accuracy without calibration in the later period, and does not need to be calibrated again throughout the life cycle of the display.
  • The newly developed detection algorithm completely eliminates the dedicated touch pen, and the click feel is first-class, which is in line with the operating habits of modern touch screens.
  • Due to the realization of the pen-less operation, the maintenance time of the machine due to the break of the touch pen cable in daily use and the touch pen consumed regularly are saved, which saves the customer's daily expenses.
  • Another advantage of infrared touch screen is the light transmittance, which is close to 95-98%. Far more than the upper limit of about 80% of the resistive screen touch display. In actual use, the resistive screen display will cause the image to have a blurred vision, similar to the image with a foggy surface, and it will reflect ambient light, making it impossible to see at certain angles image.
  • The unique calibration keyboard, which is convenient for users to calibrate the accuracy of the touch screen during installation and later use. 
  • The display can also be configured as a pen operation mode, similar to the original CRT display, there is a menu confirmation button on the touch pen, no photoelectric receiver and circuit are needed. The touch pen also has a built-in magnet, which can be easily attached to the display housing without a special pen holder.
Active area
Touch-screen frame
Power supply 

400 CD/M2,LED backlight
376X301 (MM)
High-precision infrared touch screen,High-strength tempered glass
434X360X74 (MM)
The detachable four-sided metal bracket can be directly embedded and mounted on the wall of the clean room without expanding the original wall opening. There is a VESA mounting hole on the back of the monitor, and it can also be installed and fixed through a standard VESA bracket.


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