• ADSP-HV80 power supply is a high-precision, high-stability, low-temperature drift, multi-channel high-voltage output, and a high-voltage power supply with filament heating driver specially designed for the drive of HITACHI CD-SEM scanning electron microscope electron gun.
  • The ADSP-HV80 power supply has the same power input interface, LINK interface, serial communication interface and communication protocol, high-voltage output interface, high-voltage cable and high-voltage plug as the original HVPS. It can be directly used to replace all models of HITACHI’s original CD-SEM dedicated HVPS without any modification.
  • We use a new design concept and adopt a new generation of high-precision, compact modular high-voltage unit, which makes the ADSP-HV80 high-voltage power supply reduced by a quarter of the volume and half of the weight compared to Hitachi's original HVPS. The power consumption and heat generation of this unit have been drastically reduced by about 40%.
  • More importantly, we designed the new HVPS with a wider high-voltage output range, and built-in a variety of HITACHI original HVPS models of V1/V2 characteristic curve library, the user only needs to set one parameter to change The high-voltage output value range and characteristics of the HVPS, then it can be applied to all different types of HITACHI CD-SEM machines, such as S-8820, S-8840, S-9200, S-9220, S-9260, S-9300, S- 9380 and other models. 

All HITACHI CD-SEM S-8800 S-9200 S-9300 series tools, including S-8820,S-8840,S-9200,S-9220,S-9260,S-9300,S-9380
High-precision, high-stability high-voltage power supply for driving electron gun, used to directly replace the expensive dedicated high-voltage power supply unit used in HITACHI CD-SEM tools.
Input Voltage 
Power Input Interface 
High Voltage Outputs 

HV Outputs Accuracy 
HV Outputs Ripple
HV Outputs Temperature Coefficient
HV Outputs Protection
Accuracy of Filament Current
Communication Interface
Communication Protocol

Data Displayed


Supported HITACHI CD-SEM tool models

High Voltage Output Cable

High Voltage Output Plug

Weight(Excluding high-voltage cable)

AC85-265V,1Φ,+15%/-20%, 50/60Hz
Three-pin plug, the same as the original HITACHI
V0:0- -3KV,1000μA Max
V1:0- +3KV,1000μA Max
V2:0- +6KV,670μA Max
Vs:0- -4KV,1000μA Max
After warm-up,<±0.02% of settings 
<30MV (p-p)
Overload and short circuit protected
DC 0-3A,Constant current Mode
After warm-up,<±0.2% of settings
Optical isolation serial RS232,DB25F
HITACHI CD-SEM customized, compatible with Hitachi S8800/9200/9300 series models of CD-SEM tools
V0,V1,V2,VS,IF,Ie values
IP RANGE,IP CONTROL Instruction execution status
Key locked
Outputs start and stop
Ie and If over current,vacuum error
The setting corresponds to the model information of HITACHI CD-SEM tools
Filament heating time accumulation (hours)
If over current more than 3A
Ie over current more than 511μA
Vacuum error
S-8820/8840/9200/9220/9300/9380,The power supply has built-in V1/V2 voltage characteristic curve data corresponding to the CD-SEM model.
2.2m shielded high-voltage cable, 5-core high-voltage and separate ground wire, with PVC sheath
Customized, consistent with the original HITACHI, 6-hole eccentric shielded plug, directly plugged into the CD-SEM tools’ electron-gun
D X W X H(mm):435X230X165


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