The newly designed and manufactured magnet driver is used in AMAT tools and can directly replace the original AMAT model 0190-70060 driver.

  • The newly designed control circuit has added an error alarm function. By comparing the error of the drive current set voltage and the feedback voltage in real time, when the deviation exceeds the preset value, the output of the driver is stopped and the warning LED is lit.This additional feature effectively prevents an inherent defect of the original magnet driver, which is to lose control and continuously output the drive current under certain fault conditions, which can cause the magnet to eventually burn out due to overheating.
  • The power output stage based on the new generation of IPM power module design provides faster and more comprehensive protection functions, while further reducing the power consumption of the whole driver.
  • The drive current input command voltage is +/-10 volts, and the corresponding output current is +/-25 Amps,constant current operating mode.

ADSDR-220M-A for P5000

AMAT P5000, CENTURA tools


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